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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Ottawa, Ontario on 2016-09-08 21:46:00 - Visual sighting of glowing object that faded away

This event took place in the ottawa area. i was in bed getting ready to sleep when i looked out my window and saw a light in the sky in the w sw direction at about 10 oclock elevation that changed colours from redish orange then to yellow and back to redish orange. at first i assumed it was a star or airplane as the airport is close by. it soon became evident that it was not a conventional aircraft as it did not appear to change direct or get larger from approach. when i realised that the object was behaving contrary to normal aircraft principals i searched for my cellphone to record the event. no sooner than i had starting looking for the cellphone when it just started to fade away to nothing, or at least i could no longer see it glowing. it did how ever not change position as if it was landing such as a helicopter would or change direction as a fixed wing aircraft would. it just faded away and was no longer visible, almost as if it knew someone was going to record the event. this may seem like an unusual statement but that is how the object appeared to act, but i am in no way saying that in fact in knew i was going to try and record it, it just seemed that way. the whole event frightened me as there might be some unresolved issues relating to the ufo phenomina. i admit i did not sleep that well that night for fear that it would come back and very much closer to me, but am unaware of any further observations or events. when the object just faded away i have no idea where it went or any other observations. this end my observations.. p.S this is my 4th ufo observation over my years and all these observation were accompanied with great fear and am not certain why but this sort of event and other types have been noticed in myself as well as unusual accounts experienced by my father. i hope to eventually find closer. thank you.....

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Credit: MUFON

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