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Sunday, November 20, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Memphis, Tennessee on 2016-11-20 00:00:00 - Four events over 3.5 hours. 3 object types - triangle, paired discs, and no quick way to describe the third..

Downtown memphis, south main district, saturday night (11-19-16) into sunday morning (11-20-16). i was stargazing with a polaroid 4.5x super telephoto lens, the only way to view full constellations in downtown memphis where low-flying helicopters and jets are even underlit at night. orion now rising earlier - i like orion, enough to bear last night's cold temp. did not report what i saw a few years ago. in fact, told no one until last year and, then, only friends and family. didn't report what i say this summer either. but, what i saw last night i simply have to talk to someone about. it was just too much - blew me away. 11:30-ish pm: spotted darkened, dull brown triangle (larger than a 747) approaching from nw - speed guesstimate: 35mph. no lights, no sound - underlit by downtown lights and crystal clear through polaroid lens. object banked left (sw) at about 85 degree elevation and continued, passing out of sight beyond buildings. if it's been further north, it could've hit the 100 north main building. i don't shock easily but could least assimilate the odd dull brown color - like mud. do these things come in that color? it's not even an option in your report selections. went inside to warm (settle) self and went back out later, wishing i had had some kind of camera with night vision or something. was gone too quickly to run in and grab my little kodak easyshare, though it likely wouldn't pick up anything. 12:50-1:00am frame: observed a constellation to the north before turning about toward the south. dropped jaw and stood dumbstruck, trying to understand what was moving in a direct line from se to nw, against the wind, approximately 40mph, about 75 degree elevation. this will be hard to describe, but here goes: saw a series of some dozen, clearly solid, golden, glowing spheres, diameter of each equal to a passenger jet, if not larger, at a height of about 300-400 feet. all of these were encased in and conjoined by a translucent "tubing", equal diameter, with the spheres equally spaced along its length. length, if stretch out, would've been equal to between three or four 747s, but it wasn't stretched out. this thing was "undulating", like a snake slithering on a vertical, though the "tubing" did not crimp or bulge. the closest analogy i can think of is a see-through worm that swallowed a dozen gold beads at regular intervals. again, there was no sound, none at all. i even got a look at it through the polaroid lens, proving to myself it was really there, but there was no real need - this thing was as huge as it was outlandish. i swore, but not loudly - couldn't breathe deeply enough for that. i watched it pass out of view and was still watching empty sky two minutes later when two darkened discs (same color as the earlier triangle, no sound, seemingly only feet apart with one offset just forward the other) went zipping along behind it at about 60mph or better - again, no sound. half an hour later, shivering and neck aching from looking for the nothing that came after, i went back inside. i could not sleep. 3:00am-ish: had stepped back out, hoping the sight of good old orion flying high, as constant as ever, would settle me enough to sleep. i enjoyed about 10 minutes of unchanging stars before what seemed the same pair of earlier discs (same speed, same altitude, same color, still no sound, and in the some positions relative to each other) came out of the nw, passing directly overhead, to continue to the se, as quickly gone. i actually whined and just went back inside, giving up. i didn't get much sleep last night, making today a bit rough, but maybe exhaustion is kind. don't know how many people might have been awake and outside in south main at 1:00am-ish last night, but if they'd looked up, they could not have missed seeing that "worm thing". i'd like to meet that person - i need a hug. oh, yeah, wish to note that i've been stone sober since 1988, though i'm actually considering a drink now. i hope i've described this experience in a way that's easily understood, if that's even possible. thank you for providing at least that much. wish it made me feel better. wish i had some answers to too many questions.

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Credit: MUFON

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