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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Thermal, California on 2016-11-27 01:05:00 - Big tall alien man and it ran very fast after a bright light moving weird movement

What happened on november 27 at 1:05 am approximately was very frightening for me i never thought of seeing a big tall white alien looking man, well the night before that on november 26 there was a party i went to and i didn't have a ride to go home to so i decided to go home walking approximately 5 miles i started walking home but when i was like half a mile away i started hear some dogs like if they were fighting or killing another dog but in my head i didn't think nothing else i just thought they were fighting a fat or something but when i walked like another 120 feet the dog stopped barking for like 20 seconds so i kept on walking and the dogs started bark super loud again like if they were gonna die or something that's when i turn around to my left and i got really scared what i saw , i saw a big white tall man more than 6ft tall and it was running threw my left really fast with long legs it didn't seem to see me but when i first saw it i thought it was a ghost or something but ghosts are that big and ghosts aren't that white so i knew it was made of skin cuz i could see it well the big tall man seemed to be running away but idk from what maybe the dogs cuz they were barking after that i didn't want to find out what it was my phone was dead i couldn't take pictures and i was sooo scared i just ran away as far as i could and i was turning back and forward making sure it wasn't following me all i could hear was the dog barks getting more and more agresive as if the being wanted to like touch them or something after that i went home and i couldn't sleep after what i saw then i was outside looking at the stars and i saw an white obejct it couldn't have been a plane because it only had one light and also it moved straight and then to the sides so ik from that kovement i just witnessed a real life ufo & the next day i investigated what could it have being and all i found was the tall whites and now here i am telling u what i saw hopefully someone goes out here and investigate in the nights .

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Credit: MUFON

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