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Monday, November 14, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia on 2016-11-10 18:23:00 - Large, star like object. when photos brown up looks like sterotypical ufo

I got off work in sherbrooke at 6:20pm. i started off home and saw a large light in the sky when i got to goldenville, 6:23pm. i pulled over and looked at it for a couple of minutes, taking a photo of it before it disappeared over the horizon. the color of the light seemed to slowly fade in and out between yellow and orange, while maintaining its brightness/size. i saw it again over a clear cut area in liscomb, just past gegogan brooke, at 6:30 i have seen many odd things in the sky over the years, so i was not afraid. when i first saw the light appeared to be over the highway, moving towards the right over the horizon. of course, this light was way off in the distance, but was bright. i have no idea how far away it really was or how large. when i saw it again over the clear cut,moving from left to right in the sky. i pulled over and watched it, took some photos. as i was watching it, the light quickly changed direction and became smaller and smaller as if it was moving quickly away from me. it disappeared completely and was gone for about a minute(?), when it came speeding back to full brightness! there was no cloud cover. i figured at that moment that i better continue on my way down the road. i was not afraid, though a bit uneasy when i saw it come back. my camera is not high tech, but i was able to get a clear photo of it over the highway, and then again when it was over the clear cut area. i zoomed in best i could for a couple of the photos. when i got home and zoomed in close on the image, i was surprised to see a "saucer" shape. although i was alone when i saw this in my car, when i posted this on facebook, a lady from further down the shore said that she also saw this light in mushaboom while traveling to murphys cove. the next night, november 11th, i saw this light again (or a similar light), only from my living room window. i live in moser river, approximately 45 minutes from where i saw the light the night before. i was sitting here watching my pet bird, whose cage is by the window, when i noticed the light. i ran outside with my room mate to look at it. he did not think anything of it, as it was hovering stationary for about 10 minutes until it zoomed out and disappeared out of sight. when it sped off he was a little creeped out. but as usual, i was calm. as mentioned previously, i have seen a lot of weird things in the sky during my lifetime. this is the first one i am reporting officially due to the fact that the shape came out clear in the photos. most times i never think of getting my camera out, or i don't have time.

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Credit: MUFON

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