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Sunday, November 20, 2016

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Black Triangle Sighting in Mechanicsville, Virginia on 2014-05-20 19:30:00 - Black triangle ufo <500 ft. elev.; floated right by me, completely silent. i was alone, no witnesses- on a walk.

I was taking a walk, had just put my camera away beforehand because it had started to drizzle out. it was just starting to get dark out, but still fairly warm. walked up my road, turned onto another road in the neighborhood, walked about100- 200 (?) yards until i reached another intersection. as i reached that intersection i turned and saw the object floating above the houses and trees heading towards me. i looked to see if anyone on that street was out; ( it is a res. neighborhood.) ; no one else outside. i thought, "well that figures,..." lol . i realized that i had no camera to record it, -and no witnesses to corroborate, so just decided to enjoy it. i stood there, motionless, as it approached. i was determined to remember everything i could, so i started taking mental notes. color- gun grey/ black. shaped like a giant metal slice of pizza; sharp corners, no obvious welds or marks. completely smooth exterior. as it approaches me closer, i realize there is some kind of window to the front ; unsure if one was on the other side as well..I judged the height of the craft to be about 20' , tall enough for humans to stand inside of easily, and depending on inside mechanics for propulsion,etc., perhaps large enough for two decks, maybe... i looked up at the window and thought, " i know you bastards are laughing at me right now..." , (no matter if human or alien. ) that is really when i took notice of the metal color, no markings at all. it floated by me as if in slow motion, completely silent. i was sure to note that there was absolutely zero evidence of noise, like a giant helium ballon that probably weighed 100 tons. it was very slow, which i found odd, because if it is indeed some kind of top secret project then why allow it to fly so low and in a residential neighborhood?? yet there it was, drifting by me without a care in the world it seemed. anyhow, as it went past i paid attention to what kind of propulsion system i could guess it might have. my answer: unknown. it did not have any kind of ports for emissions that i could see, nor any kind of heated elements either. no smell of exhaust either. all i saw on the " back" side of it were large red/orange lights. they didn't appear to be anything other than lights, either four or five total. lights were maybe 8-10 feet in diameter, opaque (?) bright glow. i can remember the lights, but the exact number is foggy. as it floated away i realized that i had either missed a lot of details, ( like the bottom of it), or i already forgot them. it again flew right over the houses and trees and into what is my neighborhood. i wanted to run home as fast as i could to get my boyfriend to go look but realized i would never make it in time. i headed home, but only at a quick pace. lol sadly, he was inside when i got back and had missed it...As did all of my neighbors, i presume. &#9785;&#65039; i still look for it to return, but nothing yet. i have not seen it on any youtube videos, and only slight resemblances on the internet. i don't care if it is govt project, i just want to be able to point and say, " that's what i saw!!" why won't the damn thing come back?!? lol i will try to provide a map and sketch next time i submit. i didn't report it earlier because of ridicule from friends, but it is still bothering me to this day. my hope is that someone else can relate or explain what it is. it is not the tr-3b, .Already been all over that. quite different.

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Credit: MUFON

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