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Sunday, November 20, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Brentwood, California on 2016-11-19 23:20:00 - Orange glowing oval-shaped object that emitted small orange orbs

At approximately 11:20 pm on november 19, 2016, i saw a bright orange light in the distance from my upstairs bedroom window traveling in a steady straight line from the southwest to the north east. the light was unusual because of its size and color. the light was larger than an airplane headlight, had no blinking directonal lights and was orange. i observed the light traveling toward my home so i went outside to get a better look. when i got outside i saw the light appear over the rooftop of my neighbor's house. by this time the light was very close and about 2000 feet in the air. it was not traveling very fast and was making no sound at all. i ran to my back door and called for my daughter to come and look. when she got outside we both watched the orange light continue on a steady path toward the north east then turn slightly more toward the east. the light was clearly under intelligent control as it slowed down, changed directions then hovered. as it moved toward the east, it slowed further then cam to a stop and hovered in the sky. we watched it for about a good minute or slightly longer as it remained stationary. we then noticed a small orange orb shooting out of the right side of the object. it was much smaller than the object itself and curved around and went under the object toward the ground. next, it emitted another larger orange orb from the bottom of the object. this orb fell quickly from the bottom of the object and fell downward in a straight path and disapeared. we watched as this happened three times. when the third orb fell from the object, both the falling orb and the object itself just disappeared. it did not shoot off out of site or move away, it simply appeared to disappear. this was witnessed by both my daughter and myself. if it was observed by others we would like to know. based on what we saw and how the object moved, we are certain we saw something under intelligent control. we just don't know what.

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Credit: MUFON

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