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Thursday, November 17, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Lincoln, Nebraska on 2016-11-17 14:20:00 - White, cylindrical object with single fin at rear and no wings, watched for thirty-odd seconds and then disappeared

I had just been in my back garden, hanging out washing. i returned to the front door and straight away i saw the object in the clear sky. it was moving slowly and noiselessly from east to west, north of where i was standing. i couldn't make out what i was seeing and went inside to retrieve my binoculars. i came back out and it was still there. i watched it for around thirty-seconds, i can honestly say i don't know what it was i was looking at. big was what struck me first, big and high up. it was long and cylindrical with a sharp protruding fin-like shape at the back (not unlike an aeroplane tail but much shorter) there were no wings or tail wings, no lights, no markings, the sun glinted occasionally and flared like it was reflecting from a highly-polished surface. i saw no trails nor heard any sound (i am very hard of hearing, but i can hear aeroplanes even when they are miles high). the object carried on slowly moving to the west and as my view became blocked by a tree at the back of my house, i had to go back into the back garden. it took me all of 4 seconds to open the gate and walk the few feet to get a clear view from behind the tree and when i got there the object had gone. the sky was clear and relatively cloudless, i searched for ten-minutes, but couldn't find it again. at the speed it was travelling at when i observed it, there is no way it could just 'not be there' after i looked away for 4 seconds.

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Credit: MUFON

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