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Sunday, November 6, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Tucson, Arizona on 2016-09-26 22:37:00 - Close ufo encounter tucson az

Wife & son wife are devout catholics and are very truthful. wife departed to pick up her son (walmart) on houghton and old vail road tucson arizona. son prior to entering the vehicle just happened to glance at altitude of aircraft and notice an object sitting there just hovering. he pondered for a moment and then he told his mother what he was seeing. his mother also looking in this same direction. (as a side note; after coming to the united states, taught wife to just ponder the heavens viewing satellites, falling stars and other objects for which she would be literally stunned, opening up a whole new world, often bringing to my attention objects of question). wife & son then departed walmart in direction of valencia & old vail road. they headed towards kolb. the object suddenly appeared on the northwest side of the intersection above the gas station (cannot remember the name of the gas station). family pointed out, they sat there at the light just in shock and amazement at this object. also too, nobody in the local area driving even noticed this object. family turned left at the light, and soon after turning onto s. kolb rd, pulled over; perhaps a block on the right hand side gravel lot in front of an rv consignment business. this large object also appeared in front of them and lowered to within 40 feet of the vehicle. jeep remained running, no electrical fluctuations in, nor other issues. the object which was now about 40 feet in front of them (i don't know altitude exactly), son said it was 40 - 50 feet in altitude, with strobing white lights. he said it looked like it was all in a pattern (row), but pulsating at the same time with two rows of lights an upper and lower rows, close to each other. they said it was alternating but the lights were not together, only both rows alternating in same pattern but not in exact same distance from each other. t the object then inverted itself in a 45 degree angle and it then shot to the right which is on the right hand side of the road, on side the rv business nestled within the treeline, heading in the direction of pima air and space museum on wilmot road on valencia after ddisappearng below the tree line. family could not see past this business, nor the departing altitude only the it had to be very low over the desert floor. to the right side also on site, is a ravine down to the desert but is a minor grade. my family sitting there dumbfounded and shocked to what the just witnessed. upontiac arriving back at the house i questioned whether anything in regards to video or photos; anything to explain what they had just experienced, only shock & awe about the whole event, just so amazing but little apprehension what the experienced. he did roll the window down but that was as far as i know. stated object approximately school bus size, only a sillowett as to what it looked like. this event was within 1.5 miles of davis-monthan air force base. my wife stated she is willing to talk to investigators in spanish which is her native language. myself, i am a retired air force aircraft mechanic that has been on over 7 different aircraft platforms over 39 years; military, femerald civil service, and now dod contractor based in iraq. i do know aircraft variants. thank you. patrick haire

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Credit: MUFON

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