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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Fort Worth, Texas on 2016-11-14 01:05:00 - Walk out to smoke, hovering massive triangle, i start to take picture, it leaves abruptly with fast dirct change.

@1:05am woke up suddenly, went to porch for cigarrette, immediately saw massive triangle in sky, and not tr3b like, more of a spear head?? it hovered anove the texaco for almost 3 minutes..3 bluish glowing orbs did descend from bottom of craft, do a quick lap around the shopping square, vanish quickly towards lockheed, then the orbs returned and went back into underneath of ship, no "door" was visible although a faint sound heard of sliding mechanisims. the surface was visible as low enough street lights cast off bottom, faint symbolicistic etchings markings on black surface? but a diff black? not as light absorbant in these etchings i guess? i saw no form of engine nore saw any light/flame for engine, however, faint static discharge in whirring motion hearsd,immediately i felt ill to stomach, high anxiety, as if complete hertz change within body rythm, shaking, i couldn't talk, and as i lifted my camera to take a picture i could feel speech??? not hear it, but feel it???? i can even almost make out what i heard, and then immediately it began to ascend and then leave to west at high rate off speed, for it's size, i would imagine it would have made it from here, to austin in about 5 minutes at that speed, both of my cats that went out with me were affected as they hissed and scuttled under house and i did see them look up too! i felt a weight, as if it had a pressure om me as if i was unable to move as quickily as i would hav eliked, the cell phone out of pocket was a feet i didnt expect. my cell phone however was showing nothibng but fuzz on the screen, my televison immediately became very loud with high pitch wail, as the ascent and leaving took place two neighbors came outside, one asked if i had heard a strange electrical noise outside... i just sat in middle of hwy lauging at my explanation to this guy i know. he would have flailed me if i said ufo. i live about 8 miles from lockheed and carswell.... the craft did not return to that driect, and besides, the massive size would not be contained on that site... attempted calling lockhed/carswell to see if they had anytyong on radar i was so laughed at. the etchings on seurface if u call it that, ver intersting, as i sit and remember it seems to me it lookd very aztec in nature.

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Credit: MUFON

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