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Monday, November 21, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Greenville, Kentucky on 1971-12-31 22:30:00 - Observed star moving in sky, became larger, size of moon, remained stationary, then moved rapidly at right angle

One cool night around 1972 i was standing in the carport of my home in greenville, kentucky. i was gazing at the clear nighttime sky. i noticed what appeared to be a bright star in the northern sky. as i watched this "star" i noticed that it appeared to be moving slowly. as i kept my gaze fixed on the "star" i could see that it was moving directly toward me. it grew larger as it moved. i had the distinct feeling that this object was aware of my presence and was deliberately moving directly toward me. it continued to grow in size until it appeared as the size of a full moon. then it stopped, as if it were studying my presence. it was completely round and white; just as if i were looking at the moon. it remained stationary for what seemed like minutes, but was probably just a few seconds. then it rapidly moved at a right angle. it traveled faster than light and was completely out of sight within a fraction of a second, perhaps 1000th of a second. at that period of time, ufo sightings were considered figments of the imagination. i knew if i reported it, that i would be ridiculed. i told only my wife and a few close friends about it. the next day i listened to the radio and they did announce that a police officer saw a light in the sky the previous night. that is the only news report i heard about this sighting. this is the first time i have formally reported this. i have never seen another ufo.

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Credit: MUFON

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