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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Ardmore, Tennessee on 2016-11-09 18:05:00 - Observed strange oval light, glowing, while in my driveway, moved slowly and seemed to be following i-65 south towards atens/huntsville, al.

Approximately 6:05 pm, 9 nov 2016, i and my neighbor (us army, retired) walked out to the driveway as he was leaving. we saw what appeared to be a street light, but oval shaped glowing object above the trees that are about 400 yards from my house. size was about the size of a penny held at arms length. elevation only 5 to 7 degrees from the horizon. it moved slowly, and was then partially blocked by the trees. i ran in to get my phone/camera and binoculars. we observed the object slowly move without any sound, seemingly following interstate 65 south towards huntsville. i attempted to get picture and movie with my phone camera, but battery failed and only obtained one shaky picture. the object, through vortex talon 10 x binoculars appeared to be a glowing round to egg-shaped object, white with yellowish hue, surrounded by an aura, or mist that was more greyish in appearance. on the lower portion of the cloudy ring, there were intermittent twinkling lights that blinked intermittently with no recognizable pattern. one light was brighter than the others and appeared to move down and up to the object, as if it were suspended or attached. as we watched, the object seemed to hover for a short time, but as it moved away we could not tell if it was hovering or just slowly travelling away from us. after 15 minutes, it was too far away to be observed with any detail even through binoculars. a sketch was made immediately after the siting. visible in the night sky were the moon (1/2 full),and stars, no clouds. i am a pilot, and my neighbor is retired military. we are familiar with helicopters and air traffic in the area as we are close to redstone arsenal in huntsville, al. the object we observed was not a helicopter, aircraft as we know one, blimp, balloon, venus, meteor , comet, or swamp gas. nor was it a temperature inversion, flock of birds, reflection of city lights, or figment of our imagination. we don't know what it was, but it was an unusual object.

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Credit: MUFON

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