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Saturday, November 12, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Pennsylvania on 2016-11-11 19:39:00 - wry large orange globes over hoise

1. went outside to feed cats 2. the brightness of the objects right over my house. 3. i was upset because i thought they were japanese lanterns that someone had turned loose, knowing that the leaves were so dry and was afraid they would start a fire, but in a second i knew that was not what i was seeing, they were way too bright and big. they did look flaming, but within the boundaries of their shape. they moved and stopped, and shifted a little above the house in kind of a formation at first, then moved apart and started to go south towards morgantown wv, there is an airport there, and after i thought about it maybe they got this on radar, they were very fast, but not jerky like you hear about but they did not go in a straight line either, and looked like they were playing with each other circling around each other, there was six of them, my wife saw them also, we looked on youtube to try to find something that looked like them and this is the clip that fits them very well my feelings were in awh of what i was seeing, it was like a dream or a movie, so close and big and no sound at all, the speed of them was unbelievable, the moon was almost full and. very bright but i had no trouble seeing them at all. the ones i have told about this say it was a metorite, or comet, but those don't change direction, and have a tail, and i know what i saw and it was not one of those....Please you tell me what i saw.. there was no fear in me about these, just awh, they seemed playful with each other. i lost sight of them when they went south toward morgantown

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Credit: MUFON

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