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Sunday, November 20, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Holland, Michigan on 2000-10-01 00:00:00 - I was in my bed going to sleep- i heard foot steps outside my bedroom door, i was scared i could not move, i saw the grey alien standing by my bed, it pushed on my chest, i prayed in my head, it said no more telepathically then it was gone.

I was in my bedroom. i was laying on my back in my bed about to go to sleep. i was thinking about my upcoming wedding in a month. i had been married once before to a man who was abusive and i thought would if the man i was going to marry would be fine for a few years and then change? i then heard soft foot steps coming towards my room. i got scared because i realized i could not move at all, i was laying on my back. my dog was laying on his dog bed in front of my bed and i thought to myself i don't think my dog could move either. then there was a typical gray alien standing beside my bed. it had the big dark slanted eyes, and a typical alien look with long arms and long skinny fingers. it pressed its finder into my chest. i was scared because i could not move. i prayed in my head asking god for help. then the being said telepathically in my head "no more" and then it was no longer in my room with me. i laid there for a moment and realized i could move again. i was in shock and just rolled over and fell asleep not knowing what else to do. i did not tell anyone about it until later, i really have no proof just my memory of it. prior to this the fall of 1984 when i was in the 8th grade i was sleeping and remember seeing an owl outside my bedroom window. i lived in a trailer park and shared a room with my younger sister who was 1 year younger in allendale, mi. i felt like i had an intimate encounter-it seemed to me like a boy i had a crush on came to me and we had intercourse. the next day i told a friend and how i felt like he came through the window and something happened. i remember after that i went swimming in the pool at the trailer park i lived in and looked at my belly like i thought maybe i was pregnant. those are the only details i remember but alter felt it may have been an alien abduction or encounter. wonder if they were harvesting eggs or something? i only had 1 child in my life and was not able to have more. i am a k-5 art teacher with a bs and a ma. i am an educated and normal person. i wonder if i had abductions i do not remember?? or if these things were sleep paralysis or dreams. but to me they seemed very real, the story above to me was an alien-some people said sleep paralysis or a demon, but to me still it was an alien.

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Credit: MUFON

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