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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Orange, California on 2016-11-28 22:55:00 - A bright redish orange hue in the nw sky hovering.

@ 2255 hours i stepped outside for a smoke, in the ne sky, i noticed a bright redish orange hue in the sky. i sky watch on a regular basis & the location of this object was nothing i'd seen before. at first i thought it was the planet mars, given it's color, i checked my app to see if it was indeed mars or a star. the app showed mars had already set behind me relative to where i observed this object. i immediately contacted the local mufon number on the website & left a message. i originally reported the object in the southwest sky on the message i left, it was actually in the northeast sky. i observed it for about 3 minutes, in that 3 minutes, it began to get noticeably get brighter, but, no movement. i was in a state of disbelief & "this isn't real" kept going through my mind. realizing what it might be, i went into my apartment to grab the binoculars, when i came back out, it was gone (unknown direction of travel). i went back & timed how long it took me to walk inside, grab the binoculars & return back outside, that time lapse was around 35 seconds. it was nowhere to be found. i texted my brother & informed him of what i saw. the only other thing i noticed was normal air traffic coming from the east, turning south to land at john wayne airport, this was after i went inside to grab the binoculars.

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Credit: MUFON

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