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Sunday, November 6, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Between San Dieg/ longbea, California on 2016-11-05 01:15:00 - Sighting of multiple ufos while at sea off the southern california coast

1. i was on the cruise ship carnival miracle heading north to long beach from puerto vallarta. our state room was facing directly west and we were off the southern california coast at the time of the sighting. it was about 12:45 am the morning of november 5, 2016 when i had gotten up to use the bathroom. i looked out our balcony window and noticed fog all around us - we were going through patches of fog. 2. there was suddenly a clearing in the fog, when i noticed a dull orange light to my left with two red streaming lights shooting upwards from the orange light that seemed far away. mind you, we are out in the middle of the ocean at almost 1 am, so there were no other lights up until this point. 3. at first i thought it was another boat shooting off flares, so i just went back to bed. 4. i didn't see any more action from the object since i went to lay down. 5. i felt confused because i didn't know what i had just seen, and scared because i knew what i had seen wasn't supposed to be there. the feeling i got was it wasn't "normal". about 10-15 minutes later, my wife woke up to use the bathroom. she then looked out the balcony window as well. she stood there for a couple of minutes, then called me over to "come look at this". when i looked out the window, i saw the same orange light along with 1 other light to the right. my wife saw three lights that formed a trinangular shape to her left and another light to the right, that seemed to be moving toward us. i was in disbelief so i wasn't trying to pay too much attention to detail and i had not said a word to my wife about what i saw before she woke up. we both were in disbelief and also a little freaked out so we decided to stop looking and lay back down. i got back up after a few minutes out of curiosity to see if the lights were still there. this time i still saw the same two lights as before, but now there was an enormously bright row of white lights moving towards the cruise ship. it was so bright that i couldn't tell what shape it was, but it stopped about 100 feet away from the port side of the cruise ship. it seemed to hover but stay along side the ship as the ship was moving, and also slightly hover to the left and right of the ship but still within my view from the balcony window. at this point, my wife got up again and looked out the window to see the same thing when we both started hearing a strange sound that we can only attribute to the strange lights. it sounded like layers of several different noises at different pitches - something similar to what you'd hear in the movies but nothing like what we've ever heard before. it seemed odd that we could both hear this strange noise, but we could not even hear the ocean outside our balcony door because of how well insulated the room was. the noise was loud but didn't even wake up our 2 daughters sleeping next to us. this really freaked us out so we went back to bed and decided not to get up again, although we could still hear the noise. by this time it was already close to 2:00 am. keep in mind that from the time of the first sighting around 12:45 am to the last sighting around almost 2 am, the lights were still within our balcony view meaning they were moving with the cruise ship as we are making our way up the coast. i'm almost certain there were others that had to have seen this as well. i would highly recommend pulling the surveillance video from carnival miracle between the times of 12:45 am to 2:00 am on 11/5/2016.

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Credit: MUFON

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