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Thursday, November 3, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Dallas, Texas on 2016-10-23 18:30:00 - Saw solid black stealth bomber shaped ufo over my house no noise watched going nw then miles away shot straight up and gone

I wanted to report something i saw in dallas texas two sundays ago. so this would have been oct 23th. so this is what happened. we live in a dallas texas area called "east dallas/lakewood" this is dallas proper within 5mi from downtown. and we witnessed something i have never seen anything like this before in my life. it was an all black boomerang, v shaped flying craft with a red searching type light (looked like 'kit' from "knight rider's" light) on the backside of the craft which we saw basically " turn on" when we started watching it. it made no noise and was just above the tall old trees in this neighborhood maybe about 10-15 ft above the trees. i kept saying it looked like a mini stealth bomber about 2-3 ft high and about the same width. which was weird b/c that morning. something flew over our house and woke me up. it was this very low rumble that vibrated the entire house and my dogs went crazy. and i said that morning "wonder if a stealth bomber flew over our house" b/c that was different sounding than any plane i have ever heard fly over our house. which is an all day every day thing here to hear the planes. can hear them right now as i type this. this neighborhood has houses right next to each other. it's a hugely populated area with old smaller homes and large 5,000 sqft homes like ours. so this is the full detail of what we saw. it was only 1-2 mins that we saw it in pretty close detail before we lost sight of it over our house. i watched it for 15-20 mins until it was to far away to see anything and was a speck of black on the horizon. so weird. i have spent hours looking for something shaped like this and can't find anything that has a light on it like this did. so here is what happened... my husband and i were sitting in our backyard after an entire sunday doing yard work. he looks up for no reason at one point and said "look there's a drone". around 6:30 pm when the sun was starting to set. i had just plugged my phone in the house to charge when this happened. i jumped up to look at it and it didn't look like any drone i have ever seen before. it was completely black, low in the sky right over the neighbor's tree and then our house. lower than a helicopter flies. and it moved slow, hovering for moments. as it started to go over our house i noticed a red light, on the back side of the "craft?" lighting up in a fanning motion. (like one of these cheap fans you get at fairs that open and span out.) the red light was not blinking and was not strobing. and it fanned out more than once as we watched it before it went over our house. it almost seemed like it was scanning something. light was on the back of the "thing" moving left to right. all we could do is just stand there and watch. sayings wtf is that. it was really quick by the time we saw it, it was going over our house. i ran up to the front yard and it hadn't moved slow once i got to the front yard. it was probably 1-2 miles away by that point. so it wasn't moving to fast over our house and hovering at moments. and it didn't take me that long to walk quickly from the back yard to the front yard (and i was walking fast) it was way off in the distance moving northwest. it would have been moving parallel to hwy 75. i watched it as it became a black dot on the horizon- like a speck of black. it had to be 10-20+ miles away. i was facing north so we will say 12o'clock, it was at what would be the 55 on a clock on the horizon. there were clouds moving in at that time and it was on the side of the clouds where i could see it and then it looked like it shot upward at a high rate of speed. and was gone. i didn't see any cars following this thing. it was so far off in the distance i don't see how a drone could go that far on its own with out having something following it. and we don't have any drone delivery services in the dallas metroplex yet. because i have spent hours looking for this on the web. it did not have the structure of a drone. we have seen drones. and it didn't have the look of a drone - didn't have "arms" of a drone. it was not a drone i have ever seen or could find on the web. and the red "searching light" - couldn't find anything like it on the web either. the entire thing was really weird and really eerie. i couldn't find examples of a boomerang or (i kept saying) it looked like a mini stealth bomber shaped thing. because that's what it looked like . it made no noise at all. the dogs in our neighborhood were barking and going crazy. our's were too. it was all really weird and i don't know how anyone couldn't have not seen this thing. it really didn't look like a drone. and the red light on it - couldn't see any red on it once it got over our house. that was one of the strangest things i have ever seen. and there were a lot of flights in the air that night. we aren't close to an airport. but not to far either. so our house seems to be in the direction of the flight path every once and while which i assume has to do with weather. there had to been planes that saw this. even tho it was much lower- seems like someone would have seen this. i saw planes off in the distance not far from this thing. i have spent hours looking for drone videos and nothing like this. which is really weird. i have no idea. maybe it was a drone. it was just an odd shaped one. truly unidentified.

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Credit: MUFON

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