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Saturday, November 12, 2016

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UFO Landing in Kings lynn, England on 1983-09-15 20:45:00 - Cage shaped object. no bottom or top. eight-bars flashing in sequence on either side. walked up to four feet away. before object ascended

Driving post office vehicle en-route used for two years. noticed one-mile away a bright flashing object. when within two-hundred feet noticed it was a cage! pulsating bars all around red/green/blue. extremely bright! stopped vehicle, roadway was unusually quiet? crossed road and farmers fence, went up to cage stopped approx. ten feet away then four feet away. no audible sound! no top or bottom to cage. nothing within? eyes became extremely blurred for a few moments, then object ascended quietly and at approx. forty feet disappeared! as though entering a dimensional tunnel. returned to vehicle, switched engine back on, drove off. within two minutes noticed sudden depression appear on passenger seat. certainly some kind of entity was within vehicle? sensed intruder, asked where from? after a about five minutes the seat depression returned to normal. this roadway is normally very busy all night. i was not afraid, as i have been fortunate to encounter many paranormal/supernatural phenomena throughout my life. the dimensions of this cage were approx. eight-feet by eight-feet. nothing was reported next day either on radio or tv. i felt the presence of something sitting beside me for about five minutes after the cage had disappeared.

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Credit: MUFON

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