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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 1964-08-03 00:00:00 - Large pulsating red light hovered over neighborhood and descended is if to land.

The sighting occurred in approximately 1964 (when i was in junior high school) in the town that was then called sepulveda but which changed to north hills in the 1990s; the town is located in the central san fernando valley in southern california. i was visiting relatives for a few days. it must have been in summer, as it was very hot. the house is located on dearborn street, north hills, ca 91343. it was an extremely hot night and my cousin and i couldn’t sleep so took sheets and pillows to sleep on the floor in the living room near sliding-glass doors facing southward to the backyard and beyond toward the major cross streets of balboa blvd. and nordhoff street a couple blocks away. everyone else was in bed asleep. as we lay chatting, we both suddenly noticed a pulsating, round red light (about the color of a red traffic light, slightly more orange) in the sky directly in our sight line, facing south toward the cross streets of balboa blvd. and nordhoff street (where the balboa nordhoff shopping center is now located). (see map attached.) at first we assumed it was a helicopter, given that it was hovering at low altitude. but quickly we realized the light was too large to be a running light on an aircraft, plus there was no aircraft, only this round light by itself. also, it was perfectly silent as it maneuvered up, down, diagonally, stopping still, changing directions quickly on a dime as it hovered, not moving in a forward path, but constantly moving around. not moving in a jerking motion but smoothly and easily. i remember the object was behind a telephone pole, which was occasionally silhouetted against the red light. looking at a google map now, i think the telephone pole was on nordhoff street, a major boulevard lined with telephone poles, as i do not see any other telephone poles in the neighborhood between the house on dearborn and nordhoff street. the red light was some distance from the pole, perhaps in the vicinity of what is now the balboa nordhoff shopping center (but was one department store surrounded by cornfields at the time) or just south of that location. the pulsating or flickering red light flashed sequentially most of the time but would also flash randomly. the light seemed semi-transparent, a perfectly round disk without distinguishing marks, features, protuberances, or anything on it or around it. the shape undulated slightly when it changed directions, trailing light slightly as it shifted direction, which could have been an optical illusion, i don’t know. otherwise, the edges of the circle were sharp and clear. the disk looked 2-dimensional, flat, rather than a round, 3-d, balloon-like object, as there was no curvature. again, it was semi-transparent, not 100% solid, but a well-defined circle. my cousin and i were surprised and remarked that we’ve never seen any aircraft with the ability to move that way. it scared us a little too, as it seemed only the object and us were awake on this late night observing this light-disk in the clear, black sky. it almost felt like the object put on this display just for us. we watched for what seemed like about 15 minutes. then the object simply descended, drifting silently down in a perfectly straight line, until it was out of sight behind the rooftops of the houses between us and it. it must have landed or disappeared. and never reemerged.

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Credit: MUFON

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