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Friday, November 11, 2016

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Alien Encounter in Waco, Texas on 1973-09-27 00:00:00 - Craft hoovered motionless, making no sound.

On or about september 25, 1973, i was enrolled in a doctoral course that met from 7 p.M. to 8:30 p.M. at baylor university two nights a week. after class, i was driving west going home when i noticed a bright light above lake waco. at first, i thought it was the planet venus; but as i continued to drive toward the lake as i lived on the west side of town, i could the light appeared more and more to my right. so knew it wasn't but was probably a helicopter. two nights later as i was driving home from class, i noticed the same light again. since as i wasn't sure if it was a helicopter or something else, i thought i would check it out. instead of going home, i drove over the bridge at lake waco and took the first exit to the right which led into speegleville park. i could see the craft was over the west side of the lake in a stationary position with a white light pointing east. as i approached the craft, it turned off the light and started moving to the southwest. i could tell it was a black triangular craft. it crossed over the highway, and i decided to follow it. i got back on the highway and watched the craft cross over the highway and settled behind a clump of trees on the south side the highway. i then took the next exit and crossed over on an overpass to the area where i saw the craft go down. as i drove slowly past the trees, i could not the see the craft. the road curved back to east; and i pulled up about 100 yards, turned off my lights but left the engine running. looking in my rear view mirror after a few moments, i saw the slowly rise from the trees and started coming toward where i was parked. it then pulled up to where i was on the other side of the fence. it turned facing me and stayed motionless, making no sound. it was on the other what appeared to a telephone line about 10 feet above it. i could definitely tell that the craft was black, triangular in shape, about 20 feet wide and 30 feet long. it had a cockpit with a greenish hue inside, and i could see the shadows of 3 small heads peering down at me. after about 4-5 minutes, a green light shined down on my vehicle, causing the engine to die. i tried to restart it to no avail. i tried turning on my lights and then the radio; but nothing worked. getting nervous, i locked my doors. i sat there a good 15-20 minutes, trying every 2-3 minutes to start my engine. finally, the engine turned over, and i drove down the road about another 100 yards where i turned on my lights and turned around. as i drove past the craft on my left, it hadn't moved. when i got back on the highway heading east, i could see it was still there. about 3 years later, i saw what appeared to be the same craft above the lights at the south end of the la vega football field, apparently observing a football game. my family and i were headed toward my wife's family for dinner. and i wanted to drive over and show her what i had seen years earlier; but she didn't want to go. having served two years in af rotc and two years in the us army with a top secret clearance, i can say without any doubt that this craft was not one of ours.

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Credit: MUFON

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