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Friday, November 4, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Portland, Oregon on 2016-11-04 03:40:00 - Lights in sky almost like airplane, but hovering strangely and making changes in altitude and direction too fast

It was about 3:40am and i was out front of my house having a cigarette and was watching an object that was a white orb with blue pulsing or blinking lights at random times and what looked to be a constant red light to my se almost above the centennial area of gresham oregon. it was very high up in the sky so at first i thought it was either an airplane or a satellite, but after watching for a few minutes the airplane was ruled out because it seamed to just hover in the same area, making small variations (as i could see them being 3-4 inches up or down, left and right, or in a circular motion at times from my perspective) after watching these movements it then entered my mind it could be a satellite or some such space object. but as i continued to watch it starts heading up and in a more southern direction almost like it was leaving the atmosphere, and it was starting to get smaller so i went inside to continue watching tv. then i went out about 2 hours later around 5:40am for another smoke, looked to the same spot and it was gone, so at first i thought nothing of it, but as i walked down my driveway and looked back over my right shoulder at my neighbors house i noticed the same object and it had moved off more to the right of where it had been (moved more to the south) and continued the strange hovering motions i had observed hours before. seeing it the second time made me think ufo finally because as far as i know satellites do not move such distances they either orbit or are geosynchronous and don't move in the night sky (but i might be wrong). now i didn't watch it in the hours i was inside but even as of right now writing this it is still in the same section of sky i last spotted it at. i'm not exactly sure if it was really anything or not but to me it definitely was an unidentified flying object.

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Credit: MUFON

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