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Friday, December 2, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Monsey, New York on 1966-07-01 00:00:00 - 2 star like bright dots high in the sky did exercises for close to 4 hrs. called cops who witnessed it. was interviewed by men in black for hours. they taped me, and made me illustrate objects with my fingers in the air.The men were from nat'l investigato

I and my father were in the back yard lying on a beach chair when we saw two bright star-like objects in the sky above us. they appeared to be doing some sore of exercise- going at straight angles, going back and forth to each other. i called the police. an officer came and witnessed it. a neighbor told me to call national investigation committee on aerial phenomena. i did. the man who told me to call, saw ufo same night as i did, he and his neighbor were thrown to the ground along with a dog. lights went out. both men and dog were burned. both men later died. two men showed up in my house a few weeks after i made that call. they wore black, and had a silver attache with a recording device in it. they questioned me for a few hours. made me draw diagrams of the exercises. made me illustrate with my fingers the exercises i saw and how fast the bright objects seemed to be going. this happened at the same time the new nuclear plant was installed in westchester. the newspapers stated that what we had seen was swamp gas. there's no swamps in rockland county- only apple orchards at that time. i have the card that my neighbor gave me with the organization's name on it. it's dated 1966 i definitely saw ufos. the objects made no sound. there were no planes around.I tried to call the observatory, but got an answering machine. (it happened in spring or summer, but i'm not exactly sure when- only that i was dressed for warm weather. 1. when i first saw the two objects i thought they were bright stars, until they started racing back and forth at right angles. they zoomed away together and then seemed to disappear.

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Credit: MUFON

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