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Friday, December 2, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Florida on 2016-08-30 00:00:00 - I live in sw florida, i have been watching a craft for 2 months heading towards earth. it's has many other smaller crafts behind it. it's has a green ball that acts as security for all orbs traveling with it. 241° sw from dusk till 8:30 pm

Myself and many other sw floridians have been watching what seems to be an alien craft heading towards earth. i know this because back in august when we first started watching it, i had to keep my telescope on high power to see it clear. now i only need quarter power to see it and can even make it out with my naked eye. ok what we are watching can be seen from florida all the way to family in pa.It's harder to see from pa than it is in sw florida. looking sw 241° just before dark high up in the sky it starts off. with a telescope u can plainly see an what first looks like a bright stare, however threw a telescope you can see orbs of lights moving in a circle with changing colours lights moving down but also side to side. this orb has a green ball that acts as security moving very fast in figure 8 around the main orb but also for the many smallest orbs that are traveling with it. it's gets closer every night and last night i could see what looked like 20 other smaller crafts behind it. i do not have a very good telescope 20mm. but i can plainly see whatever this is that's heading towards earth is not of this world. i have family in nc and pa who can all see it from them states but none have telescope. it's drops very fast and falls behind the horizon by 830pm sometimes it's up till as late as 9 pm. it's never drops at the same time. please if your reading this. look at the sw sky 241° with telescope or even naked eye just before dark and help me understand what i'm seeing. i have an open mind i tried saying it's a a net a space station something other than aliens. however nothing makes any sense other than it being what i believe is aliens coming to earth. and it has many others with it. god bless

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Credit: MUFON

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