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Monday, December 19, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Elverson, Pennsylvania on 2016-12-19 07:00:00 - Metal craft came down out of clouds and split into two opposite directions in 3-5 seconds, then vanished into thin air.

I let my dog out every morning, just after daybreak and my front porch faces north. i was sitting on porch and i heard this "jet sound" , just like the gas burner of a hot air balloon and i looked left, to the west and i seen this silver/gray circular object come down from this group of clouds. there was no other clouds around, nothing but blue sky, except for this cluster. as i turned and looked it stopped and two other aircrafts split and one headed due west and the other went due east towards me. i seen the metallic reflection of the craft that came towards me, cause the sun was coming up. after 1-2 seconds, both craft disappeared into thin air, only leaving it's exaust or "trail". i ran into the house to get my phone and took a few pictures of what was left, at that point the cloud cluster and trails were directly north of me and moving east. as i studied enlargement on my computer screen, i can see a circular, semi white cloud "burst" amidst the gray cluster above, almost like the burst pushed the clouds out into a circle and the object came down out of the clouds before it seperated into two. scariest thing i've ever seen. i just couldn't believe my eyes, i see all kinds of weird things out here where i live but can never get photos in time but this morning i got it, well the latter part of it, anyway.

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Credit: MUFON

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