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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Goshen, Ohio on 2016-11-29 02:20:00 - It hovers every night almost in the same place for 3 days prior to taking video.

1.) standing on my front porch smoking a cigarette while talking to my wife as usual. 2.) we have a lot of air traffic near our house so it is not uncommon to see things flying in the sky. helicopters, ultralites, cessna, commercial craft and crop dusters not to mention the air force jets from wright patterson afb. this craft was stationary over my neighbors field for several nights in a row. low hovering lights attract attention especially at night. 3.) i first thought it was a personal drone due to its flight characteristics. 4.) object came down from sky vertically. the object became stationary over my neighbors field across the street. this object then hovered in place for several hours. while hovering, it gave off a constant illumination and pulsed 3 shaft like lights. all three were similar in shape to a fluorescent light bulb. these three shafts ran from the center to what was perceived as the 3 outer-most points. after the object was done doing whatever it was doing, the unknown object then ascended vertically at a much faster than normal rate, then shot off light a bullet and made a couple sharp angular turns before disappearing. 5.) i used to get excited and almost dumbfounded. now it is just becoming common place. during the sighting i was mainly just trying to figure out what it was. more frustration than anything just trying to get the camera to focus. it will be back. it always does. after the sighting is just like anything else. it happens so frequently that even my 13 y/o son is no longer interested in seeing them. 6.) it ascended vertically then changed direction several times as it shot off and upwards until it could no longer be seen by the naked eye.

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Credit: MUFON

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