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Friday, December 30, 2016

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Black Triangle Sighting in Newcastle, England, on 2015-01-13 18:30:00 - I saw lights on a triangle i thought were only red taillights of cars reflected in our car windows but it was a ufo

I was on my way to see the band queen (minus freddy mercury) play in newcastle in england on the night of the 13th jan 2013. it was a clear crisp night (but the stars weren't visible due to the large amount of traffic light pollution on the motorway/freeway) when i saw an object in the distance that seemed to be flying low at about i would guess, 500 miles an hour (but that is a pure guess) and it had about five to six bright red lights in a straight row. at the time, i couldn't make it out as an object, i could just see the lights. it could have been the tail lights of several aircraft for all i knew. being a former criminal investigation analysts and very aware of the sort of tricks our eyes can play on us, at first i took no notice of it just thinking it was the reflection of the red tail lights of vehicles passing us by in the opposite direction reflected in my window. however, as the red lights i saw moved in a straight path i then looked around from every angle from where i was sitting to see if any other car lights showed as reflections on the glass but all i could see was my five to six lights continue to 'fly' in a southly direction. at the time, the road was packed with traffic because the a1 motorway is one of the busiest roads in the uk. i felt no anxiety or fear but my curiosity was set into action. as the night was very black i could not see any shape but, then i saw two lights come on (at what i suppose) was the 'wing tips' and the shape now looked like a triangle but it was only a triangle because of the shape the lights made. i am a healthy sceptic about ufo sightings believing that mathematically we must have been visited over the course of the years but personally, i am very dismissive of most reports. however, i did mention it at the time to my wife and she will gladly confirm that i saw it but i have thought long and hard before reporting it because as you can see by the incident date, it was nearly two years ago, but i think it is the right time to come forward. i would be very happy to supply any details of my background to any investigators who might want to get in touch.

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Credit: MUFON

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