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Friday, December 2, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Alachua, Florida on 2016-11-24 13:30:00 - Thanksgiving day only visible with binoculars

It was a very sunny day and i was on my porch relaxing watching birds through my binoculars. where i live in florida there are large black birds, probably vultures that fly aloft for long periods of time in the currents. on this day i noticed one lone bird at a very high altitude and i scanned over with my binoculars to watch him for a bit. as soon as i saw him i also observed five larger objects at an even higher altitude flying in circles similar to the black bird. i was amazed at these and finally noticed they weren’t birds and were at a much, much higher altitude. they were white and faceted, almost diamond shaped, although i have to admit they were too far up to discern anything else about their shape. later on i saw some commercial airliners flying a path that looked to be the same altitude and i could make out their shapes and wings clearly, so i am left to theorize the objects had no appendages. i watched the objects for approximately 6 to 8 minutes as they continues to move in sweeping circles like the birds and also move in a north to south direction. in all there were five of the objects, however for of them appears to be linked in pairs as they moved in unison and always stayed the same distance apart. there was nothing discernible connecting them. in addition, and most importantly, and how i am 100% certain they weren’t some type of birds, during one of their movements a couple of them reflected back silver line an aircraft might do when the sun hits it a certain way. near the end of my observation, the objects flight patterns, although still circular in movement, became much tighter. they formed up in a tight formation, the two pairs in line with each other and the fifth fell in line behind both pair and centered. at this time they flew off very quickly or otherwise disappeared to the south or up. they were gone. at no time could i get a photo because they were way too high and i could only see them through my binoculars. i have no other witnesses because although i was calling to my wife to come look she was in a part of the house where she couldn’t hear me. i know without any evidence it’s just my word, but i know what i witnessed and was not under the effect of any alcohol or drugs. i am also aware it’s basically impossible to determine size and distance. all i can say is they were very high and looked to be the size of that black bird but they were very high and maintained the altitude the whole time.

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Credit: MUFON

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