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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Porter, Indiana on 2016-12-19 18:00:00 - Observed bright, pulsating, color-changing light appearing to travel along a path and briefly hovering at times.

I was leaving my home, walking across the parking lot to my car to get something to eat with my girlfriend. i noticed an extremely bright light in the sky to the southwest. after confirming with my girlfriend that she had also seen the object i began to become suspicious after she told me that she had seen it in a different position in the sky compared to where i spotted it. this indicated that it was moving. at first i thought the object may have been a helicopter monitoring traffic over the express way just south of my home. i realized it could not be, as the light emitted wasn't produced from standard navigation lights, landing lights, or a spot light. there was also no sound from the rotors. the light was pulsating. it would become very dim to the point of barley visible. it would then become very bright, brighter than anything else in the sky. it appeared to change color as well from bright white and blue to a reddish orange color. i then began to think that it was a drone. this was also not likely as it produced no sound at all. it was able to fly for over 1.5hrs as we followed it while temperatures on the ground were 8 degrees f. while following the object it seemed as if it was slowing down and possible hovering at times. these are extreme conditions for battery powered devices, especially if lithium-ion batteries are the power source. i called two local airports (kvpz 12mi south of initial location & krzl 42mi south of final location) to see if they could see any lights in the sky or if anyone had reported this object. both claimed they could not see any objects and had no reports of such an object. after following the object from town to town to the southwest we realized it was traveling much faster than when we first sighted it. we decided to turn back and head home. i looked to the southwest after arriving back in the town that we started in and saw the light on the horizon but much smaller than before indicating that we were much further away from it now. it eventually disappeared over the horizon. after looking over the flight path that the object took i found that it traveled for at least 9.5 miles to the southwest from the initial sighing area.

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Credit: MUFON

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