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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Camden, New Jersey on 2016-12-18 18:15:00 - I captured 3 red orb/plasma light ufos on my ride home from work

On the evening of december 18th (not sure the exact day, it was either the 17,18, or 19th of december 2016) i was driving home from a job that i had started in collingswood,nj. i was on a very busy 3 lane highway, route 130, stopped at a traffic light when i first noticed 3 red glowing objects which seemed to emerge from a strip of trees. the trees were right on the street line, and the objects were extremely low, no more then 10 ft off the ground. i thought it must be some kind of prank, lights attached to balloons by kids for fun, or some kind of toy drones. it wasn't until i was stopped again, at another traffic light that i was able to get my phone out and record what was going on. i have a 2 minute clip i posted to my youtube channel (but i unfortunately cannot figure out how to post to the media attachments below), but i will post a few screens hots from the video, and i am more then happy to give the url link to my video upon request). what i recorded was 3 red orb/plasma light ufos, they appeared to be pure energy, or light. the way they ascended into the sky showed intelligence-two of the orb ufos touch one another and the 3rd, which was lagging behind sped up as the other 2 hovered, eventually passing the 2 that converged on one another. i have recorded many videos of ufos, as i have been ufo/sky hunting for 4 years now. i have not turned anything into mufon, as i was waiting for a video that had undeniable rock solid proof of ufos. i believe i have that proof with this video, as it has silenced every skeptic i've shown it to.. one thing that i may add is a jet plane enters the frame towards the end of the video. this is a topic for another time, but i and many others have video proof that ufos are cloaking themselves somehow, appearing as jet airplanes/helicopters. so theven airplane in the clip very well may also be a cloaked ufo. thank you for your time and please feel free to contact me via email or cellphone regarding my youtube video documenting this event, or any other questions

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Credit: MUFON

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