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Thursday, December 29, 2016

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Black Triangle Sighting in Wolverhampton, on 2007-10-25 19:10:00 - Life changing/affirming sighting of triangular u.F.O.

It's taken 9 years for this report to happen, however this does not diminish the sighting's importance to me at all. i was walking from work down a previously busy lane in a industrial area at 7.10.P.M. on a late october evening in 2007.Having just crossed over a railway bridge i looked up across the land to my left and saw a triangular u.F.O.. it was equalateral,around 40 ft. in height and hovered vertically at about 50 or 60 ft..It was dark/black ,had 3 lights at each apex and one in the centre.They were mainly white though changed to rose gold and red pink at times and intermittently flashed on and off .The u.F.O.,still in the vertical plane, hovered 100 ft. to the east and more adjacent to my view.Now, clearly above a timber yard ,it moved short distances ,to the left, right,down and up.After around 2 minutes from first sighting,the u.F.O., then stationary and still vertical, transformed into a giant spherical white light,which disappeared and 5 lights shot upwards and outwards in different directions at great speed. with hindsight i realise i watched the whole thing very calmly and objectively which surprises me as it one of the most astonishing and life changing events i have witnessed and has led to an enormous fascination with the u.F.O. phonomena.I feel very lucky indeed.

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Credit: MUFON

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