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Friday, December 9, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Virginia Beach, Virginia on 2016-12-09 04:30:00 - This craft appeared to be advanced by designed...A lot of small likes near windows and many levels...It was mainly grey..It was extremely large.. it looked like a craft made for traveling at long distances or possibly three motherships..

I was driving down general booth blvd approaching the virginia beach oceanfront.. i saw three craft that had lights that were slowly blinking like most regular aicraft do..I thought they were just regular aircraft eventhough, they did look much larger and different. nevertheless, they made no noise and were going to slow to be conventional aircraft.. i brushed it off, as i was on the way to the magistrates office early this morning... when i got back on virginia beach bld. and headed to the 2nd precinct i realized that i could not find the magistrates office as described on google maps on my cell phone.. i then called the magistrate and he told me it was in a different part of town.. i then left, smoked a cigarette at a food lion shopping center off of near birdneck rd. and virginia beach, va near a homeless shelter.. i left and went down birdland headed towards general booth blvd... then i saw only one that was extremely large and seemed to be advanced from the way the structure was.. it looked like a small city and or definitely a mothership... i made an illegal u-turn to go back to chase it and it went behind trees and i did not see it again... i left and went down to dam neck rd to get back to the other part of town, va beach municipal center, at where the magistrates office was supposed to be.... i would not have gone down to the oceanfront if my google map information was correct...Google gave me some bad directions... these craft were advanced... they were well lit up with white lights near the windows.. there were red lights flashing, more white lights flashing.. they were huge.. this happened at about 4:30 am 12-9-2016 i did not have any missing time.. i did not see any occupants.. when i went to chase it and made the illegal u-turn i was somewhat scared i might get abducted and have a bad experience like travis walton did, so my instincts kicked in and i just turned around again and went the other way towards general booth blvd.. ocean breeze water park is nearby.. on the other side from where i saw the one craft close up...

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Credit: MUFON

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