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Sunday, December 11, 2016

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UFO Sighting in New Jersey on 2016-12-10 21:27:00 - Military chopper following ufo

I was smoking a cigarette in a location off of rt. 70 in marlton, nj. 08053. i heard what sounded like a military helicopter in the distance, so i moved to get a clear view of the sky because i wanted to see it. it sounded extremely close and i could feel the power, vibrations, etc. so finally it comes into view and it was hard to make out. there was a red orb in the front, with the chopper in the back. at first i though it may be top secret military craft with cloaking or reflection or something of the sort. it was hard to make out in the night sky it being a black helicopter and all, but when i focused in on it i could make out a red/orangish orb shape which looked like it was glowing, producing and aura, and the helicopter behind it maybe. between 300-500 ft. it was hard to make out and get a grasp with surroundings because it all happened so fast. they were both flying in a straight path at what appeared to be high speeds. i had to run around the corner to keep eye sight until it went over the tree line out of sight. i had no means of following it and wouldn't have been able to with the speed and direction it was going , having to follow traffic laws and everything. right after my father walked out the door because he heard the chopper from inside the house and came to check it out and also had to grab something out of the car. when he was trying to lock it, he hit the lock button at least 3x and the car was still unlocked, so i'm unsure if it messed with the electrical system or whatever category you would place this in. take note that he's not the best with newer technology though. so i came on here to check if anybody else had reported it. also take note there is military bases in the area. fort dix and maguire afb. i didn't see any reports so i figured if i would. this is not the first time i've seen activity of this sort in my 20+ years in this area. one was 10+ years ago, and one was over this past summer. i made no reports of them or checked for any.

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Credit: MUFON

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