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Friday, December 2, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Scarsdale, New York on 1977-08-15 08:02:00 - Was in my house drying my hair looked out the window and saw a long white light looked like it was in the woods i waited for it for a pretty long time and it finally broke over the trees and i ran outside and saw it. moved very slowly, no sound.O it

While i was drying my hair one night late summer 1977 i was getting ready to go out i looked outside through the window it was night time and i had woods across the street and i saw a long white light headlights back then where a little yellow so it didn't look like car lights from may be on a road past the woods as i kept checking now and then it was getting closer i first thought well it's an airplane didn't give it a second thought would look again and it was getting really close and still very low well i finally walked out of my door down a small hill right to the curb it broke right over head over the trees it was in front of me about two hundred feet or less above me making no sound the lights were now right in front of me and they were light emitting windows not clear windows white light emitting windows with dividers segments and i did not know until this thing was passing over my head going by me that i now saw it was around but it was a mothership maybe for 500 yards around the windows went clear around it it was moving approximately 10 miles an hour my jaw dropped my tongue was hanging out and i actually ran down the hill and down the street following it the street ended in a dead end so i had to stop and this craft headed towards new york city. we checked with the local airports they had no reported sightings then was done talking to a friend of mine on the phone he did not believe me and i started going down the street walking i was heading towards a watering hole, a bar i only got thirty feet down the street and a policeman was patrolling driving by and he stopped i knew all the police in edgemont new york he asked me if i needed a ride i jumped in the car his name was officer rasmussen as soon as i got in the car i said you're not going to believe what i just saw he said don't tell me it was another flying saucer i don't want to make out another report! the next day the local scarsdale inquirer had an article that their police department in scarsdale their phone was ringing off the wall and there was a large good size article in the reporter dispatch of paper i believe that a white plains that described an incident that this was simply a cessna with a broken display sign which of course was not the case at all. 7 years later i went to a ufo convention in brewster new york and told my story. other than that there was nothing in the news i was shocked. there is no question it was a ufo we have nothing in this world that could make a craft like that it was truly a mother ship; the windows as i call them were about maybe 15 feet wide by 20 feet high and they went all around the ship possibly 3 yankee stadium size in 1. unfortunately i was alone when i saw it when i came back inside i told my father who was a pilot private pilot and he called all the powers of the local and reports and they reported nothing i was in shock.

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Credit: MUFON

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