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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Sequim, Washington on 1994-01-15 00:00:00 - Large green orb that paced us as we drove, only about 30 ft away

It was january, two friends and i were headed back from town in(sequim, wa),to their home out by the strait of juan de fuca. i was in the passenger seat of an early 80s white ford pickup that had a canopy. we were driving along side grays marsh farms when i realized that i was gazing out the window at a green ball of light. it was pacing us perfectly, and was about 30 -40 feet from us at about 25-30 ft. off the ground. it was about 4 ft. in diameter in my opinion (i am a carpenter by trade). it was like staring at a green moon, and gave out its own light, not hard to look at. at some point i turned around and started looking around the vehicle for a green light that might be reflecting off the inside of the window. as if prompted by me looking away the object moved out in front of us into the other witnesses view. they apparently couldn't see it at the height it was at outside my window. my buddy who was driving yelled "what the hell is that?!" as i turned around to look, the object had advanced out in front of the truck, but still over the farm property. the large orb was on the other side of some wind break trees that bordered the road, but our view was unobstructed due to no leaves on the trees. the driver punched it to catch up with the object, but as we increased in speed the object did as well. we were rapidly approaching the end of the road, where it turned at a 90 and paralleled the strait. in the next moment the object took off at a speed so great it left a line in the sky that was still visible even after we had screeched to a stop at the water. we got out of the truck and just stared as the line slowly disappeared. we never talked about it after that night. it's funny now, because when i hear people talk about there being life "out there", i now have no doubts. one thing i left out is at some point i had rolled down the window to see better once the object had moved out in front of us, and i remember hearing nothing but the truck. whatever the object was doing, it had to have an "intelligence" behind it. to pace us so perfectly for so long, i will never forget it. i have never written about this experience until now, but remember it as if it were yesterday.

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Credit: MUFON

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