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Friday, December 16, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Macon, Georgia on 2013-11-12 18:00:00 - Saw lights in the sky toward the nw. there was no sound or detectable movement, but when i looked toward the se. it was there and saw it all the way home.It sat in the sky in front of my house for some time.

I was leaving work on the evening of around nov. 12, 2013. i got into the car and was about to pull off when i noticed lights in the sky to my left, looking nw. it was an otherwise clear night, except for these lights. i assumed it was a plane or helicopter. i backed the car up and was headed out of the driveway onto the road, when i looked up to my right, to the se and saw the lights. i never saw any movement from across the sky, the lights just seemed to appear. i was able to observe the light(s) all the way home. when i arrived home, i saw the light(s)sitting directly in front of my house, which faced west. i went in to tell my husband about it, but he was disabled and did not try to get up and come to look at it. the lights were visible for some time. i watched for several minutes until i couldn't watch anymore. i could not detect any sound or movement. this could have just been a star, my eyesight was not too good. the next day, i asked my co-workers if they had seen it, but no one had. i saw on two other occasions what looked like the same lights that month. the second time, i was leaving my mother's house, which was across town from me when i saw the lights again. this time i stopped at a nearby drugstore, and asked a man coming out of the store what the lights looked like to him. he thought it was just a radio tower, but these lights were way too high up for that, and besides i had never seen a radio tower there before in all the years i had been driving that way. the third time i saw the lights was in front of my house again. i kept trying to get my husband to come and look, but he wouldn't. i think he was afraid. i kept going back and forth to the window to look at them, the lights never made a sound or detectable movement. i decided to call one of my co-workers to tell him to go outside and look at it, but by the time i got him on the phone, the lights disappeared behind a cloud. i have one of those old phones that do not take very good pictures. i thought about calling the tv station, but i did not want to sound like a crazy person. as i said before, it was probably just a star.

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Credit: MUFON

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