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Friday, December 9, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Redondo beach , California on 1995-10-08 00:00:00 - Felt static and smelt a sulfur like smell. i looked up an fit was hovering over me. i watched it to afraid to move

Redondo beach california, north redondo to be exact. i was spending the night with my cousins and wanted some candy. so i told my aunt i was going to the liquor store mr.Bs market on artesia blvd/ slauson ave. i left her house around 7pmish she lived on carnegie and slauson ave just two short blocks from the store i was walking too. usually would only take me 15 minutes round trip at most. their was is a small alley behind the liquor store which leads to the store. befor i got the the alley i caught a smell of a sulfer like weird odor in the air. and i felt a strange static like almost magnetic feeling in the air, very hard to explain! i felt a presents in the air and i looked up above me. their was a black disc shaped object hovering directly above me. it was just above the power lines and very close. till this day i can draw an accurate picture of it. it had lights strobing around the bottom edge. turning on one after another like dominos. colors red, green, yellow, white, blue,orange from what i can remember. i stood their staring at the object. i wanted to run but i was frozen i could even tell for help although i was trying too. finally the objects grip one let me go. and i made a b line thru the alley and into the store. i clearly remember telling the store clerk frantically what i saw. he simply told me to calm down that i saw nothing. he did notice i was so afraid to go back outside. till this day idk what he was thinking. i told him that if anyone reports a kid missing that it was me and that the ufo took me. he probably thought o was crazy. i ran fast as i could back to my aunts house. she was very mad at me. she told me i was gone almost four hours. which i didn't think was possible. how could i loose four hours of time ? time i can't recount for.

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Credit: MUFON

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