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Monday, December 5, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Bonners Ferry, Idaho on 2016-12-04 00:00:00 - Saw white spherical glowing object, slow moving, no sound, brightness dulled, but still noticeable

I first saw object while driving as the brightness caught my eye.I pulled over to take pics and video and due to the slow flight, appearance and size, i did not recognize anything about it that i could say it was even near conventional. the object was flying low in the sky, in a valley and below the tree line and surrounding mountains. it was very slow, yet it appeared to me that it was bobbing up and down slightly. it seemed to be flying towards my parked direction while also making its way towards the north. i was excited to see the light object, but was a bit frustrated that my wife was not enthusiastic as i was, almost dismissive that it was just a light. realizing in my wife's impatience and the distracting cars driving on the highway behind me, i decided to drive about 1 mile more to our house so i could watch it from there. when i got to my house , i went inside to grab my ipad and continue to watch it. when i went out, the object was moving closer, but was still slightly obscured by some pine trees. about the same time it started moving out into view, i was trying to manage a camera & my ipad at the same time. as i was-taking a picture with a flash, the object seemed to phase out. the light object became very dim and although i could still see a dull light downward, i saw what seemed like a row of vertical lights-- 3 dull lights above where the original bright object had just phased out or dulled. as this was happening, clouds were moving in to the area and spotty clouds were around where the object was. after the main light phased out, i watched it for about 2 minutes before i lost track of it. i do have video files and more pictures, but am unable to submit as i only have cellular data with spotty connection. additionally, although this is an amazing sighting, i had a sighting on 11-11-16 that was far more impressive with lots of pics and video. you will not believe some of the evidence i have! i hope you can help-- thanks

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Credit: MUFON

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