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Friday, December 2, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Chatham-Kent, Ontario on 2016-12-01 10:20:00 - Stationionary bright disk in cloud cover, then sun-like light behind it is revealed.

I drove the car on highway 40 going north to shop in chatham, ontario. the sky was completely cloud-covered. i was admiring the silvery color of the day as i drove along. 10:20 a.M. is not the exact time but it's close within 5 minutes. i can tell by my shopping receipts what approximate time i seen this disk. about 2 miles away from leon's furniture, i noticed a luminous disk in the sky peeking out of the cloud cover. it was pretty big. it looked like an average night-time moon size that was luminous. except this was day-time and the disk was luminous and featureless. i have never seen a luminous moon in the day-time. i've seen the moon in the day-time and it has never been luminous. the day-time moon looks kind of faint, white with grey features. this disk looked very close, much closer than the moon but i couldn't judge distances. it looked too big, too luminous and too close. so for about 2 minutes, i drove the speed limit of 80 km and watched for this disk to peek out of the clouds. it peeked out a few times. the road was unusually clear for this time of day. it appeared that the girl in the car behind me was watching this object as well. then, i stopped at the stop lights right by leon's furniture. the disk came out of the cloud-cover and it just so happened that the sun came beaming through this same cloud right behind the disk. even as i viewed this beaming light, i was thinking that this sun was too low in the sky to be the sun and it seemed like the bright light was coming from a much closer place than the sun. shouldn't the sun be higher at 10am? the disk did not turn black like the moon does in an eclipse when it passes in front of the sun. instead, the disk became transparent and the light shined right through it. it was a blindingly bright light. the disk was still visible. because it was so bright, i had to not look and when the stop light turned green, i squinted to see the road because my eyes had got so blinded momentarily from looking at this disk in the light. i turned the car right away into michael's store driveway and didn't notice where the disk went or the bright light went, if they left or not. i didn't get scared. i was actually talking to the sky, thunderbirds, and telling it how pretty it was, how nice the grey looked and i had a feeling that they could hear me this time. sometimes, "they" don't hear you talking to them. i wasn't surprised when the disk showed up. it was an enjoyable experience. that area on highway 40 where i started to see the little disk is a weird area. i seen endless rainbows about 15 years ago in a row and then a few months ago, i seen a lone cloud being sparky and making lightning all by itself on a sunny day in the same general area.

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Credit: MUFON

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