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Friday, December 2, 2016

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Black Triangle Sighting in Haslett, Michigan on 2006-12-31 00:00:00 - Dark delta shape w intense beam directed down and front. slow moving less than 25 mph.

We were traveling south on marsh rd. just after dark. i saw a bright white light due south of us. it appeared to be stationary but got brighter. we were waiting in traffic and not moving. i pointed it out to my wife. we both watched it gradually getting closer. we both were curious as to what it might be. as it got closer we noticed a bright beam of light oriented down and forward. i thought it was a helicopter using a searchlight, but the beam did not shift around. it was slowly moving north along the east side of marsh rd. i pulled over and got out of the car as it arrived near our location. it suddenly made a 90 degree turn to the west right over us. it pivoted without banking.There was a low cloud cover but the object was just below the clouds. i could clearly see the outline of the craft as it passed directly over us. my wife immediately said it looked like a huge triangle. i agreed. i also noticed unidentifiable markings on the underside. not us (i spent 23 years in the military as an officer) and not any other recognizable language. although it was only a couple hundred feet overhead there was no engine noise....Just a rush of air and a low rumble. it disappeared approximately 5 minutes later as it travelled west and was lost in the cloud cover. my wife and i compared observations and we both agreed on what we saw. we were startled and amazed. the next morning i checked with the lansing capital city airport control tower (a friend of mine had a friend that was an air traffic controller on duty the night before). they said no aircraft of any kind were in the air in that vicinity at that time frame. i also checked w michigan state university (my place of employment) to see if there were any blimps covering any sports events the previous night. there were none within weeks either way from the time of our siting. even though we did not think it looked anything like a blimp, i checked anyway since it moved slowly and quietly and was huge. although i told friends and family, we did not make an official report. now i am retired and recently became aware of mufon.

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Credit: MUFON

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