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Friday, December 2, 2016

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Black Triangle Sighting in Chappaquidick, Massachusetts on 1996-07-15 00:00:00 - I saw what looked like a boat on the horizon while president clinton was vacationing in martha's vinyard. the experience lasted for a while, then left. i fell asleep talking with my friend, then in came back closer.

I was on martha's vinyard fishing with a friend of mine while the clinton's were vacationing. we had been shark fishing from shore with great success until it suddenly stopped. i noticed what i thought was a very large sailboat, but quickly realised that it was a boat. there were lights on the water line that i initially thought was the deck and mast lights of a sailboat. the lights started to bounce around what i had thought was the deck, but then they shot up into the air. it got incredibly bright and lit up the sky and the beach. it the sated to move slowly towards shore towards us. it after a few minutes shot out a whit artificial light into a beam focused onto the beach like it was scanning around. my friend and i were initially not scared and we're very interested until it kept coming closer and the beam of light was on our feet. my friend jumped in the car and was scared, then he jumped out again and we kept asking each other if we were both seeing this actually happening. as the ufo got close you could see it was a triangle shape with three lights underneath the ufo. the sound it made was the weirdest thing of all because i have never heard that sound ever again. the ship finally was right above us and we could see very clearly the three light and the triangle shape of the ufo. once it got directly over us it seemed to disappear, but not because it shot off. it just disappeared. my friend and i were very shaken up and jumped into the truck and tried to talk about what we just saw. the weird thing was that we both fell asleep in less than five minutes. when we fell asleep it was somewhere close to 1:30am. i woke up at 4am by the sound of the ufo very close to us. i looked out of the window and woke up my friend to show him the ufo was back again. the ufo was maybe 150 yards down the beach from us and was 50 feet or less from the ground going back out to the water where the lights we thought was a sailboat was still out there, but just kind of appeared. my friend and i didn't talk about the experience again for over ten years, but when we did talk about it we remember everything the same.

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Credit: MUFON

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