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Friday, December 16, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Fairfield, Utah on 2016-11-08 19:01:00 - 2 events over 2 days captured video of object without knowing/apache shows up within an hr. heliocopter returns next day 0bject appears to lift off and fiy past helicopter

I was prospecting in the west desert about 30 miles south of fairfield ut. after a long day i was documenting to the cell phone camera my day and my plans for the next day. something flys past me as i am talking. i do not see the object at the time. within a short time i hear a strange sound for a few minutes and then a helicopter comes flying down the canyon i guessing maby 100 ft off the ground. i take a photo at first i thought it was a blackhawk but they seemed to spot me and made a90 degree turn and came straight for me. it was then that i could see it was a apache.Chain gun hanging of the front.They did such a tight circle over me that there was no roter wind. i thought i was getting incredible footage of the apache with my cell camera. they came out of the circle and proceded to fly down the canyon on the deck im talking less than 50 ft, i shut off the camera and thought i had great footage of the whole fly over. a short time later i went to look at the video and it looked to me like they interfeared and blocked me from shooting video. at the time i thought it was cool they were able to do that.The video is mabey 10 seconds.I camped that night and spent the next day prospecting.All day i thought that if they were training out there they might come back and i would get more footage. well they came back about the same time and i was ready. they flew into the canyon at about 1000 ft and seemed to be looking to see if i was still there , i walked into a clearing and began to shoot video.After a while they flew off and started to fly up and down the ridge across the canyon from me i tried to shoot video of the helicopter but my camera would try to focus on the mountain and the helicopter would be invisible so i gave up trying to get footage of them flying up and down the ridge, i stood there and watched phone in hand as they flew up and down the ridge, sometimes below the ridge sometimes slightly above. i stood there and watched trying to figure out what they were doing. i decided they were looking for something. but what? at one point they seem to touch down or hover just above the ridge.This went on for about an hour.As i watched something came over the ridge to my left,at first i thought it was a eagle that thought lasted about 1 second and i realized it was not . it seemed to pick up speed. airplane? no wings or strobe. the helicopter had a red and white strobe.Now its heading straight toward the helicopter they must be together. it flew straight towards the helicopter,at this point i expected to see them fly off together, must be a drone but it flew right past the helicopter, i could not tell if it flew in front or behind the helicopter, it past the helicopter and accelerated up into the sky and seemed to turn and dissapear in a second or two. there are many more details but im not agood typist.

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Credit: MUFON

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