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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Coxs Creek, Kentucky on 2014-06-04 22:00:00 - Seen hovering over neighbors house after a visit to mine

My wife and i had just went to bed. she was reading a book and i was watching tv. the house was quiet, we live in a country type of area. the tv was down low as not to disturb my wife. i heard our front door open (it makes a distinctive sound as the lower seal rubs the step plate ) it had my attention, but i thought it was our son who has the only other key to our house. now i hear walking in the living room but sounds like more than one person. my wife looked at me and said you know someone just came in the house dont you. so i answered yes i know, it has to be our son, he's the only one with a key. and she says,what if it's not. she was right, so i get out of bed, go to the closet and get my gun. we leave a small light on in the kitchen just to be able to see if someone is there, but they can't see us well. i go through the house carefully cause i still believe its my son. i call out his name and say that i have a gun not to be joking around, but no answer. so i start going through each room turning on the lights as i go. i looked in every room, ieven looked under beds and in closets cause i know i heard someone enter our house. i found nothing. front door was double locked.No windows open or unlocked. so i go back to my bedroom and tell my wife that nothing was there. she said, i heard someone are you shure.I said i heard someone too, but the door is locked and the house is safe.I told my wife that while i was up i was going to go outside and smoke before going back to bed.I took my gun with me and went out on the front porch. i usually sit on the steps and smoke, but i wanted to look around the house, in case someone was outside or home. our garage is about 30 feet from our house,with a sidewalk joining themso i slowly walk tward garage. i get about half way when i notice lights at my neighbors house. hovering above his house was a ufo. it was sitting still and it was glowing different colors. it was made of metal.But the lights were the most vivid beautiful colors i have seen. glowing green then red then blue. i know my wife is terrified of these things cause we see them quite often and she remarks, i dont want to see them. im the opposite, i want to put my hands on one and look it over, iwant to talk to them and know what they know. i just hope they are friendly and dont diesec me. i see ufos a lot. and its worthless to tell someone without proof they pat you on the head and say they believe you. so i walked to the door and said, hey honey, can you come outhere for a minute. she said yes, so i walked back out on the sidewalk and waited, i remember thinking, i hope she gets here quick cause these things dont stay still for very long. she came out and right to where i was and said what do you want. i said, look at louis house. she seen it. she knows what it was too. she grabbed my arm and lets get back in the house. i said dont be afraid,its over his house not ours, and its not doing anything but hovering. she was still scared so we went to the edge of the garage and just watched. we had a real nice 12 megapixel camera but it quit working 3 days earlier. it was killing me to see it this close and not able to film it. we watched for about 15 min and it started moving. it went above the trees and slowly went out of sight. about a week later i saw my neighbor and told him what we seen. he said, i know which night you mean.I was in bed asleep but im a very light sleeper. i heard someone come in my house, so i reached under my pillow and got my 44 pistol . i just stayed in bed and pointed the gun twards the door. i could hear someone going through my silverware drawer.Opening cabinet doors, and walking around. i just listened. after a few minutes it got quiet.I got up announced that i had a gun and started through the house. i found nothing or no one. my door still locked. so at least i know what i heard coming in my house, but i never heard them leave by the door.

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Credit: MUFON

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