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Thursday, December 8, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Lubbock, Texas on 2016-12-03 04:19:00 - Object hovered at north window. noise and lights woke me from bed the went to east window

I was asleep in bed when i heard a sound and a strong light at my north window. it lit up my bedroom despite black out style curtain that was not completely set to block out everything. at first, i thought someone was in my back yard with a flashlight. then i saw this spherical thing at my east window which only had blinds where i could see something of what it was. it was about beach ball sized and it had a single red light about 3" just above center. there were other lights that were golden white, blue white and a few tiny blue lights. they were mostly on all the time though some went out for a bit before coming back on. my bedroom was lit up fairly bright. the object then move back toward the north side of my house where i noticed a red light on my white painted wall. it was just weird about 1" in diameter size and was about 6 feet off the floor and about 3-4 inches from the wall and about 4-5 feet from where i was in bed. this went on for several minutes as it seemed to turn a few inches toward the south before returning to where it began. it then blinked out. suddenly, a very bright blue white light appeared in the same spot where the red light disappeared and i felt like i was hit with static charge. i threw off my blanket getting ready to run but i then became frozen in a half rise position from the bed. after what seemed a minute, i felt myself begin to float where a secondary light behind the blue white light appeared that was sort of purplish white. i then suddenly dropped back on to the edge of the bed where i tumbled onto the floor. i was sort of stunned by the fall that i climbed to sit back on the edge of the bed where i looked up and saw what looked like a sort of face in a hazy way. it was sort of like a people describe as a grey i guess but it also did not really look like the traditional depictions either. i am not really certain i can explain in words but maybe i can draw it or someone with art skill can help. this face remained for about 40 seconds then there was a big flash of light like photo flash. the object outside was on the north side of the house as i could see a bit of it about 10 feet off the ground where it went straight up. i needed to go to the bathroom and went where my abdomen hurt. i discovered a half moon 2nd degree burn there at about 3-4 inches across. i have not slept in my bed room since and it bothers me that i had such a burn on my person. fyi: bedroom sits in the northeast side of the house with a north and east wall. only 2 windows. additionally, neighbor dogs barking wildly but then those dogs always bark 24/7 so that owners or other pretty much ignore them. but on night in question they were barking very aggressively. i did look at my clock when the light switch from north to east window as it was right next to my head. it showed 4:19am so event began a few minutes before that and it was 4:57am when i went to the bathroom.

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Credit: MUFON

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