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Friday, December 30, 2016

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UFO Sighting in München, Bayern on 2016-12-29 21:08:00 - Light on camera that change directions several times, hover then fly a way

During rare clear sky in munich i sat my camera for stars trailing, i always does this for chance to picture shooting star and also perform short film. shooting characteristics as follow: one picture every 16sec shutter speed is 15sec iso 1600 f 2.8 focal length 25mm file format; raw image the camera keep shooting over night (about 5-6 hours) total of 2260 pictures. after enhancing the images (typical noise reduction and wb adjustment) and display them one frame at the time, you can clearly see airplanes in each frame as they fly straight or have slight turns. however, for the first time i saw a light which seems from airplane in one frame (21:08:41) (total length 15sec) as it was flying straight. in the next frame (21:09:00) the fly direction changed 90deg. also it clear the hover at the point of direction change (light intense at that point). the next five frames the direction change hysterically followed by hovering for about 15sec (almost the whole 15sec frame with light at same location). this followed by 1 frame for direction change by 90 deg facing toward original direction. then other 4 frames going in straight line to original location (the speed appear to change during those 4 frames). all of that been observed the following day. i will try to zip all pictures of last night in one file (or at least around that appearance). worth to mention that i still have also the raw files for this. additional note: at 20:08:51 a strike of light (like shooting star) on the left bottom quarter of the frame, the next frame shows same object but flight in opposite direction (from the trail) or was hovering.

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Credit: MUFON

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