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Thursday, December 8, 2016

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UFO Sighting in New York, New York on 2016-12-07 19:30:00 - There have been several separate ufo events of various kinds in my town occuring from sept. 2016 to december 7th 2016. please contact email for additional, more accurate information.

This ufo report is not a complete report because i am trying to report several separate sightings from different dates, times and locations that all began on september 22nd 2016 at my house in suffolk county, new york around 7pm. i was outside with my telescope watching the stars in my yard when i noticed a black triangular craft with irregularly blinking lights, it flew east then turned west while emmiting a low quiet hum. it lasted 2 minutes and i took a video and filed a police report. they sent an officer to my house and took my information and left. i was very surprised by the incident for it was the first ufo i've ever seen. however it wouldn't be the last. ever since that night i've been seeing and recording many strange but some similar exotic craft that fly above the houses in my neighborhood and local area. they fly over the long island sound at night and at the beach right by my house always starting at dusk and ending aroubd 11pm. these incidents increase on nights when it's a new or full moon. some craft are silent and hover in place, some are extremely bright orbs that change into several blinking lights, some are extremely loud, some fly extremely low, others higher, some of the craft are completely cloaked in a transparent field, some have even flew right over my head. i have hours of footage on my youtube account but the instructions on this page say to not include links or urls so i can't post my channel. many of the videos are very clear and perplexing, i just want to contact an investigator to give more details and specifics on where and when this happens, it seems my town has turned into a hotspot. i've been carefully documenting this since september. i have many pictures too.

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Credit: MUFON

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