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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

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Black Triangle Sighting in Auckland, Auckland on 2016-12-17 00:00:00 - Delta shaped lights followed by other light patterns

Delta shaped ufo caught on video in south auckland sky!!! last night, on saturday, december 17, 2016 at around 10pm i was moving some bags from inside my car into the house at weymouth. i looked up and noticed a delta shaped ufo moving in the night skies of south auckland. it moved from a south to south-westerly direction. i had my point and shoot camera in my pocket so i started recording. i yelled at my wife to get the cel phone. it faded out of sight after about 30 or so seconds later. i then realized there were other amber lights following it of at least a dozen. it was then that my wife also saw some of them. some of the neighbours also saw the lights. i didn’t know if the lights were going to show up on the dark sky digitally. i also managed to get my high-end infrared video camera and film the last of the lights going by. the police helicopter showed up as the last of them moved across the sky. perhaps they were monitoring them. these were very close to the restricted airspace of auckland international airport. i could see no navigational lights. there was little wind at the time. according to reports average wind speed was 6 knots coming from a west south-west direction. were they chinese lanterns? they moved pretty quick to be lanterns in a slight breeze (i estimated according to google earth to be moving about 30 km/h). i applied some video filters in part of the video to bring out the objects. the lights faded out in front of me maybe going through a unseen cloud at night. though i could not see a cloud in the night sky. i contacted the police helicopter patrol with my footage and have not had a response. i have posted the footage only to youtube.

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Credit: MUFON

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