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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

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Alien Encounter in Coral Springs, Florida on 1996-11-01 15:15:00 - Female entity wearing all red sun showing through back of dress irregular shaped head working on screen taking test

I was taking a nap at 3pm in my apartment on my murphy bed my girlfriend was down the hall with her friend, we lived in coral springs, florida. i noticed her standing in my living room it was a studio apartment and the entity stood in front of my entertainment system i thought it was my girlfriend but quickly realized i could neither fully open my eyes nor sit up. i could see her through the slits of my eyes the sun was coming through the window and the silhouette and outline of her head was irregular i was not afraid instead i tried to communicate while trying to sit up. she stood there like a doctor or mother she worked on a screen which was small seemed to run diagnostics from a distance she was wearing red with what seemed to be red lace over her head if it was not from the sun shining through the veil i would not have noticed her irregular shaped head. i was excited and i did not fear her however she would not allow me to sit up she literally was capable of hi-jacking my frequency preventing me from moving. i lost sight of her when a foot stool began spinning on the floor out of site because it was in front of my bed with every bit of energy i had i tried to sit up i really needed to see this stool spinning i new it was the stool because i had italian tiled floor my foot stool made a distinctive sound when moved across it. when she finally released me i literally dove to the edge of the bed to watch this stool stop just after for my own personal confirmation. i have had several experiences some with formulas and i mean actual equations that our minds can not decipher only those who think in light can read these small equations which are literally volumes of books in translation that they can read like we read the headline news. also similiar events like this have been happening since i was a child. i am now 44.

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Credit: MUFON

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