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Saturday, December 3, 2016

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UFO Sighting in San Diego, California on 1990-01-31 00:00:00 - I saw 12 ufo's enter our atmosphere as if from a black hole in space.They slowed to a crawl as they passed 30 feet in front of me. time seemed to stop. they seem to be a ufo train. they landed in san diego area.

I was at work when this encounter took place. i am a hvac service technician and installer. i was on the roof of utc mall, welding refrigerant lines and finished my task.I smoked a cigarette and happened to look up and saw a falling star. i watched it for a minute as i have many times. as i was watching it,my eye caught sight of another falling star behind it, following the same path.This seemed unusual. i have never seen 2 falling stars in the same place at the same time. i kept watching.Then i caught sight of another one behind the second one. they were all in a lone one behind the other.I began thinking i was seeing meteor showers. as i kept watching,there was a third, fourth,fifth,sixth then another and another. by this time i couldn't believe what i was seeing.I thought where are they coming from.As i watched,the string of lights i looked back to where they were coming from and it appeared they were popping out of a black hole. i keyed in on that spot and pop, another,then pop,another. there were about 12 falling stars all in a straight line falling to earth a what appeared to be a thousand miles an hour.Fast and all were evenly spaced one behind the other.They were in the northwest sky high over the pacific ocean.They were falling at an angle and i was waiting for the lights to burn out like a meteor or falling star.They did not disapear. they slowed and slowed until they changed direction and headed southeast all in a row evenly spaced. when they were falling they were all white. after turning and headed s.E. they were on a path that brought them right at me. the were now on a horizontal path and kept slowing. as they got closer to me i was freaking out. i knew they were duo's and i was feeling anxiety as i kept watching. i couldn't take my eyes off of them. as the first one got closer and closer to me i could see colored lights on them.I ran to the roof access yelling down to a co worker to come up.He never responded. he was supposed to be inside the building welding equipment.I went back to looking at the ufo's.As they got closer within a mile time seemed to slow or stop.This string of ufo's was about a mile or two long. their path seem to come right past me over the parking lot of the mall.The first one had colored lights in a specific pattern and the ship itself was invisible.I could only see the lights.Every ship had different colored lights in a different specific pattern.Every one was different.There were 5 or 6 ships that had passed and they were all silent.I heard nothing. then the ship in the middle was a mother ship,it was huge,it encompassed the entire parking lot at the mall.It was the only one that made noise and it was a frightening deep rumble as if it was the power source for the entire train of ships.As the mother ship approached i ran to the other side of the roof looking over the parapet wall down to where people were as i tried to yell to get their attention to show them i couldn't speak.I don't know why.It was like i was being controlled.I saw people below but i couldn't tell.I then went back to the other side of the roof where the ships were hovering over the parking lot.All of the ships were maybe 1/4 of the parking lot in width but the mother ship seemed to cover the entire parking lot.I could almost reach out and touch it as they were at an altitude of 40 feet off the ground.The lights on all small ships were stationary and there were 4 blue lights slowly rotating on the mother ship and as it passed right in front of me rumbling and slowing seeming to stop time.I was closely watching the 4 blue lights trying to see the ship itself but it was invisible.All 4 blue lights were visible at all times,they did not disapear as they should have when they rotated to the back side. also after about the third ship passed me i heard 2 military jets taking off from the aibase behind me and they flew right over all these ufo's.I thought stuff was going to hit the fan,and scared the stink out of me but they just kept going and didn't come back. i thought the military has got to know this is going on. after the mother ship passed there were 5 or 6 small ships brought up the rear,every one with different colored lights and different patterns or shape of the ships and all silent.It seems like there was a time gap. it was about sundown when i first saw them and when it was all done the mall was closed and no one was around.Parking lot was empty.After passing me they were headed southeast maybe 15 miles, then turned east and descended one at a time in the populated area of san diego. near the airport and i believe they landed at the military base. that instantly frightened me that they are involved. seemed like about 2 hours but in real time about 4 hours. that's roughly it but minus a lot of details.I have no proof but someone else had to have seen it.

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Credit: MUFON

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