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Friday, December 2, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Tully, New York on 1970-09-30 00:00:00 - Saw a rotating saucer craft on ground emitting bright lights while our car was suspended in time.

My friend and i were driving on the otisco valley road heading for tully ny around 8pm in october 1970, not sure of exact date. we saw a very bright pulsating light ahead coming from a break in the woods on my left, i was driving. the closer we got the stronger the light which seemd to slow us down. as we approached the break in the woods the white yellow light engulfed the car and the car seemed to stop. it was kinda like a strob light until it stopped us. the rear of the car was lifted off the ground and the headlights were pointed straight down at the road at about a 45 degree angle. my head lights and dash lights were dimming off and on. the needles on my gauges were being pegged from left to right and the music on the radio was garbled kind of speeded up. as we looked to the field on my left i definitely saw a landed saucer rotating on the ground with intense white lights beaming out. i could see windows on the top level. my friend and i looked at each other in misbelief. it seemed like we were trapped in time. all of a sudden the car slammed to the ground, the radio, gauges, and lights returned to normal and we were propelled forward. at this time all driving experiences returned to normal. it was like we were suspended in time and all normal driving was definitely halted. we still talk about this incident 45 years later. i told my mother about the experience a few weeks after and she told me she heard of reports in that area. i looked in my newspapers for years but never saw any reports. not sure about dates but there was wet snow on sides of the road, cold and dark early. i am definitely a witness to this account.

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Credit: MUFON

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