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Friday, December 30, 2016

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UFO Sighting in Saint Petersburg, Florida on 2016-12-30 07:30:00 - Wrongway vehicle crash on the bob graham sunshine skyway bridge 12-30-2016 around 7:30 am est

1. i was just checking a news report on my pc monitor in the home office this morning 12-30-2016 regarding the closing of the bob graham sunshine skyway bridge (bgssb) in pinellas county, florida on the outskirts of st. petersburg. i wanted to see if the bridge closing was due to relatively high winds with the dip in temperature starting last night. i did not know there had been a wrong-way automobile crash on the bridge causing the closing this morning. 2. i had a previously subscribed flash email inbox notification from an online news service. it was about a fatal mv crash involving two (2) motor vehicles at mile marker 8.3 on the bgssb, with an attached news photo taken at 7:39 am est. the crash reportedly occurred at 7:34 am est. i was simply looking briefly at the brief news article and photo, which showed the two crashed cars, in unrecognizable heaps, near the cement retainer barrier wall of the bridge on the right. in the photo, there are also several blaring lights set up on the left of the crash area illuminating the scene for the police and emergency teams to deal with the situation and clear it. a road sign just beyond the a light pole reads south skyway fishing pier with a mile marker stated. 3. i then noticed two (2) colored (red and blue) horizontal diamond-shaped objects apparently hovering about as high as a standard highway light pole just off of the crash area of the bridge to the right of the photo frame. the familiar shapes seemed distinct to me, so i saved a copy of the news photo for further analysis via expansion detail. as noted previously, these horizontal diamond shaped and fireball type orbs are not normally in our visible light spectrum for easy human observation. when briefly visible to the naked-eyes, these phenomena seem only illuminated by intense reflected light sources, rather than emitting sufficiently visible bright light of their own. they also seem attracted to intense light and/or heat sources for apparently absorbing energy. the various colored orbs appear tasked with most of the intermittent absorption of energy efforts, while the colored horizontal diamonds (red or blue seen thus far) initially locate sources first, then observe the defined mission until they seem to disappear from existence. however, that may not really happen, it just seems that way. out of sight, out of mind. 4. a closer inspection of the news photo, blown up larger, also revealed at least three (3) translucent white orbs with auras near the nearby light pole, streaking towards the vehicles crash site. i say streaking because there is a visible and captured light-tailing in the photo, of apparent motion i.E., as the 3 translucent white orbs are descending towards the bright lights on the bridge. additionally, two more, very faint, red horizontal diamonds also seem to appear in the distance behind the clearly distinct blue and red hovering horizontal diamonds. one is positioned in the photo above the blue horizontal diamond and the other is to the right of the following red horizontal diamond. 5. i was quite surprised in this discovery of yet another chance ufo sighting. i certainly wasn't looking for one, nor had such thoughts crossing my conscious mind at the time this morning. it seems that i may have become sensitized, both unconsciously and consciously, to recognizing such visual sighting anomalies in both digital video and digital photo formats. previously, i have viewed a number of related media and read several factual books/articles regarding the study of ufos/uaps during the past two years. it's a bit spooky, but i have always had excellent visual perception for detail as various age-normed tests have shown across time. 6. the evidence provided is a professional digital photo from a local news source available online, which can be examined in great detail with digital various enhancements, area enlargements and frame cropping.

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Credit: MUFON

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