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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

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UFO Sighting in East Baldwin, Maine on 2016-12-10 04:05:00 - Giant ufo with two escorts

I was outside at 04:30 am with my german shepherds when i observed three "craft" flying towards me from just under orion's belt.I thought they were military as i heard the roaring of what sounded like an old 1960's jet engine at full throttle.As the "craft" got closer,i saw that there were two smaller escorts and one giant craft/object in the middle that was the size of a football stadium!As they got closer,they changed direction by a few degrees to head north east and i realized they were in some kind of force field that obstructed the clear view of the center giant craft.The escort on my side was in the alleged tr-3 triangular shape with one red light up front and two red lights in the rear at the base of the triangle. the escorts each had a forward facing red light and the giant craft had a row of three large red lights that all came through the force field. stars were obscured all around the force field for hundreds of yards the craft were in perfect formation,side by side with the giant craft in the middle.The force field must have absorbed the "jet-noise" because it went away completely when the formation passed over me and then it resumed once the formation was 2 miles past me.The entire rear section of the giant craft was lighted by a unusual yellowish color.There were no faa mandated white strobe lights.The giant craft seemed to be better cloaked than the two escorts.The jet noise seemed to come from the escorts only. as the formation approached,i was hit with a wave of nausea,felt anxiety and fear.One of my k-9's ran off back to the house and the other cowered behind me. both have been agitated ever since and hesitant to go out at night.I have felt ill and uneasy ever since as well. i later heard that there were an unusual number of ambulance calls in the area for anxiety or heart attacks the following day. i looked online and saw that another maine couple in windsor saw the giant craft that night and fell ill themselves.I am a trained observer and out every night with my dogs. i have seen many other "craft" but never so close as to be able to determine that they were not made on earth (that we know of). i am concerned about the health effects of whatever force field overflew us at such a low altitude to make us feel instantly sick.

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Credit: MUFON

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